Laboratory Oven – SOP for Operation & Maintenance

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for operation and maintenance of Laboratory Oven used for glassware dying or Loss on Drying etc. in quality control laboratory.

SOP for Laboratory Oven

1.0   PURPOSE:

    • The purpose of this SOP is to describe the procedure for the operation and maintenance of a laboratory oven.

2.0   SCOPE:

    • This SOP is applicable to operation and maintenance of all laboratory oven of Make: Newtronic and Model: NEC412 at Quality Control Department.


    • Manual supplied by the manufacturer.
    • SOP for Maintenance of Laboratory Instruments.
    • SOP for Preparation of internal and external (Third Party) Calibration schedule and calibration practices.


    • Analyst shall be responsible to:Laboratory Oven

    • Operate and follow the procedure as per SOP.
    • Maintain the equipment history card.
    • QC Head or Designee shall be responsible to:

    • Check the SOP.
    • Give training to all the concerned persons before implementation of SOP.
    • Initiate repairs or breakdown and to make alternative arrangements during the status of under maintenance.
    • Ensure the operation and calibration of the equipment is carried out as per SOP.
    • Check the third party calibration records.
    • Quality Assurance shall be responsible to:

    • Check the SOP.
    • Ensure the implementation of system as per SOP.
    • Quality Head and Plant Head shall be responsible to :

    • Review and approve the SOP.
    • Ensure that system is implemented.


    • General Procedure for handling of Laboratory Oven:

    • Precautions during handling of Laboratory Oven:

    • Do not overload the oven.
    • Do not place any thing on top of the equipment.
    • Leave a minimum of 50 mm free space from three sides and 300 mm from backside of the equipment.
    • Keep the equipment horizontally leveled.
    • Do not keep test articles that may release explosive or flammable vapors in the chamber.
    • Switch off the equipment during cleaning and any type of service maintenance.
    • Do not keep volumetric glassware for drying at extreme heat for long time as it may cause slight change in volume which can lead to wrong volume measurement.
    • Use the glassware after cooling properly to the room temperature.
    • Close drying oven door always whether it is in use or not.
    • Operation of Laboratory Oven:

    • Switch ON the equipment.
    • Check for ‘Green’ indicator light & digital display ON, indicating the supply is on.
    • To set the desired temperature, press the MODE key. Set the temperature by UP and DOWN keys.
    • Pressing up and down keys, set the temperature to 60°C for drying of glassware.
    • Now check for Red indicator light glow, which indicates heater is ON and once temperature is set.
    • The red indicator light will go OFF.
    • After achieving required temperature, open the door of oven and keep the glassware for drying.
    • Glass bottles, graduated pipettes, graduated cylinders, LOD bottles, vials, TLC plates, petri dishes etc. can be dried in the oven.
    • Maintenance & Cleaning of Laboratory Oven :

    • Clean the interior and exterior surfaces of the chamber by using warm water with mild soap and a clean soft cloth.
    • Clean the finger prints or other stains by using mild non-abrasive cleaners.
    • Gasket cleaning by using baking soda and warm water, wiping dry with a soft cloth.
    • Check visually on regular basis for wear and tear of gasket, if found torn or broken replaced it immediately.
    • Inspect inside the control panel and the machinery compartment for loose electrical connections, loose components,wires etc.
    • When equipment is under breakdown maintenance/not functioning concerned person put the tag stating “Under Maintenance/Not to be used” and inform to QC head.
    • QC head informs to the equipment manufacturer/servicing person.
    • Between breakdown and service, the equipment is under maintenance.
    • Service engineer rectifies the problem and repairs the equipment adequately.
    • A service report is prepared by engineer and one copy of report is retained at QC.
    • Clean the chamber of oven periodically with dry cloth when it is at room temperature.
    • Calibration of Laboratory Oven:

    • Calibration of temperature sensor and digital temperature controller shall be done by external agency.
    • Frequency of Laboratory Oven Calibration: Yearly ± 30 days


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